Tactics To Pull Off Player Moves In NBA Live Mobile

It is not enough to have a strong team in NBA Live Mobile game with all the best players of current stars and previous legends. You must also know how to play the game and pull off player’s moves to win the game. This is another aspect that you must know apart from the team and cash management techniques. There are a lot of moves like running, dribbling the ball, throwing, scoring a basket and much more which you see in a real NBA game. You may also have seen these controls in PC or a gaming console, but you may wonder whether or not they are as effective in a mobile handset.  Well, rest assured that the developers have kept all these factors in mind for your benefit.

The basketball game is all about dribbling and scoring the basket, and therefore you have to dribble the ball and run fast. Behind the back, dribble is the trickiest part of the game, but if you can time it well and precisely, it is doable. When you are controlling a point guard, you have to work on it quickly as well while playing NBA Live Mobile game. It is the best move when you want to change direction quickly while moving down the court.

These moves included in the Nba live mobile game are very simple but very helpful for scoring in the game successfully. Go to the baseline; create some space before you and press shoot so that the player fades away while shooting. Hesitation is the best way to fool opponents and make a shot while your opponents stay in a dilemma whether or not you would shoot or not. Use Drive once to use such features while controlling shooting guard, point guard or a small forward move.

There are various post shot moves in NBA Live Mobile game which would also keep your opponents wondering, and you can score more points. Shooting from the post you have to drive in with your player with your back to the basket and hit shoot button suddenly. During post, spin makes sure the dribbler has his back to the basket, double tap on Drive and swipe up to lay the ball up or dunk from the post. You can tap on the Shoot button for a second time while faking a hook shot seeing the animation of the post with your back to the basket for up and under moves.

You can also go for spin lay-up by double tapping on Drive and hit the Shoot button. For general spin movement, you have to tap the Drive button at the right time to throw off your defender. Gain considerable momentum to get the best effect. Stealing is quite a task as there is no Steal button and you have to use the Guard button and keep tapping it to steal from your opponent. The useful nba live mobile tips tool may be of much help when you are in need.

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